She puts her own interests above everything else.

Lonhyn knows how to play mahjong, I think.

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She's as good a wife as any you could hope for.

It's only a stone's throw away from where I was born.

I don't deserve this.


Is Elwood protecting someone?

Did Kevan come back?

There are no women here.

My mind is torn.

The thing that you are intending to carry does not need to be carried.

He didn't wash himself for a week.

Ricky took a seat across from Barrett.

I don't think Gregor is going away.

I expect you to be there on time.

Mehrdad feels a little better this morning.

We must strive to do better.


This isn't just about Lynne.

Major never changes.

It's quite refreshing.

I can't tell you why because I don't know why.

Come on, you can have a swim in my pool.


Many parents take pride in their children.

Had I known that you would be so happy about this bike, I would have gotten you one much earlier!

You can call me anytime you want.

It was very windy.

Can you tell me how long Adam has had this?

She wept the entire night.

It looks as if it is going to rain.

The difference in their ages is six years.

Many countries try to regulate the birth rate.

We intend to do so.

At first he had trouble getting used to his new house.

I can't believe Orville could be capable of this.

The management said that a wage increase was out of the question.

Thursday night is free beer night.

Kory discovered two dead bodies in his basement.

Devon is a pretty good basketball player.

It didn't cost as much as I thought it would.


Is there reason for optimism?

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Loyd didn't tell me his secret.

We just want to buy enough for three people.

Part had to defend his reputation.

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I don't know how much more time this is going to take.

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Is it possible to be here a little longer?

Phiroze's parents think Kyung is still too young to have a girlfriend.

Mother charged me to clear the room.

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Michael sat under the tree, reading an old book from the nineteenth century.

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Samir submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.


How big was your donation?

Eliot thanks me every day.

Is Seth in trouble again?

He looked just like his picture on the wall of the theater.

Kelly isn't playing by the rules.


Would you ever eat a cockroach?

I don't understand.

They're cannibals.


Though this knave came something saucily into the world before he was sent for, yet was his mother fair; there was good sport at his making, and the whoreson must be acknowledged.


By dint of hard work he succeeded at last.

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I'm surprised that you asked me that.

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There's something unusual about him.

Daren had lots of run-ins with the law when he was a teenager.

I'm worried whether your house was involved or not.

I hear you've quit smoking.

Have you called Marion to apologize?

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What police thought was a distressed cat turned out to be a man practicing the cuica, a drum which produces noise by rubbing a stick attached to the drumhead from the inside.

Skipping classes can have an enormous negative impact on your final grade.

That's not going to work.

May the blessings of God be upon you.

I don't have an answer.

I'm going to follow Tiefenthal home.

Rumour has it that he got someone pregnant again.


We'd better go help her.

Nichael is grilling meat.

She wants to lose weight because she is overweight.

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Thank you for coming to my rescue.


You can spend your time in any way you want; it's your time, after all.

With money you can do everything.

He is the minister responsible for the environment.

Doctors and nurses must preserve life at all costs.

Without your help, I would fail.

The teacher was worried by Diana's frequent absences from class.

Can I use your phone for a sec?

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Let me help with that.

Give to every day the chance to be the most beautiful in your life.

He didn't give me much advice.

The sea covers nearly three-fourths of the earth's surface.

There are 50 stars on the American flag.

You never really talked about Hui very much.

Jim slipped on the icy road and got hurt.


Who would be its next victim?


Why did you bring Lenora here?

He came after everybody had come.

If that happens again, call me.


Are you coming to my party?

Australians are supposed to have a relaxed and laid-back attitude to life.

Why didn't you listen to his advice?

Your analysis of the situation is accurate.

Dewey decided to sit in another seat.


Forgive me, please!


I board the train at the terminal.

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I just want to get off this bus.

A Cuba Libre is a cocktail with a rum base.

Where did this custom start?

Shane is a model for Joey.

I can't concentrate on my work because of the noise.

Stephanie and Christofer spent the night out under the stars.

Now, let's play some baseball.

Jean-Christophe was stabbed to death.

This is the hottest summer we have had in thirty years.

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That's not for him.

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I lit the candles.

After I did my homework, I played football with my friends.

Let's be careful about men.

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I've tried to contact Vickie.


Thirteen percent were opposed.


Does it rain much in Germany?

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Go, already!

Carisa got out of the taxi.

I used to live there.

He made an effort to get to the station early.

I have been watching you.

You're named after your father.

No other man could do my work.

My boss is suffering from a bad cold.

Jay is cleverer than me.

We're not speaking.

Christopher had a problem with Helen.


He taught English in Serbia for two years.

That smells good.

It's really going to be OK.

That is very nice of you.

This could be very dangerous.

They must have made a mistake.

We're very grateful.


As far as the teacher was concerned, she was a joy to teach.


Forgetting to say the graduating student's name at the graduation ceremony was a colossal miss.

I instructed him in English.

He went home.

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I suspect they're all gone.


Get her in here.


As long as he stays, I will be happy.


Why doesn't he work with me anymore?

You've given me no other choice.

Gabriel told Sergeant that she shouldn't go there alone.

They went to the station by car.

The billy goat is bleating.

I reflected on the problem.

Can you tell me what is happening?

Is this your desk?

I think we should call the police.

Won't you have some cake?

Are you sure you're feeling OK?

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Jinny shouldn't do that kind of thing.

The soup needs more garlic.

I wanted to impress her.

The dog ate the stale bread and didn't die.

How early do I have to make a reservation to qualify for the discount?

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His sneezing interfered with our conversation.